1. Do i need to keep all information we have actually ever collected online from a kid just in case a moms and dad might want to view it in the foreseeable future?
No. Since the Commission noted into the 1999 Statement of Basis and Purpose, “if a parent seeks to examine their child’s information that is personal the operator has deleted it, the operator may just respond that it no more has any information concerning that child. ” See 64 Fed. Reg. 59888, 59904.
2. Imagine if, despite my many careful efforts, I erroneously give fully out a child’s information that is personal to somebody who isn’t that child’s moms and dad or guardian?
The Rule calls for one to offer moms and dads with an easy method of reviewing any information that is personal collect online from kids. Even though the Rule provides that the operator must be sure that the requestor is a moms and dad associated with the son or daughter, additionally notes that in the event that you follow reasonable procedures in giving an answer to an ask for disclosure with this private information, you’ll not be liable under any federal or state legislation in the event that you erroneously to push out a child’s information that is personal to an individual aside from the parent. See 16 C.F.R. § 312.6(a)(3 i that is)( and (b).
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