Actor Nico Tortorella Reveals Spouse Bethany Had an Abortion: ‘We Had Been Family, Forever’ The star opens up about Bethany’s abortion and Tortorella’s very very own substance abuse and journey being a “sexually fluid, non-binary person” Nico Tortorella’s brand new guide is both a candid memoir and effective love tale. The younger star (whose pronouns of choice are “they” and “them”) details their drug and alcohol abuse, their journey to identify as a “queer, non-binary, bisexual,” and their on-and-off relationship with spouse Bethany Meyers (who also prefers non-binary pronouns) in Space Between: Explorations of Love, Sex, and Fluidity, which published Tuesday. In an unpleasant flashback, Tortorella recalls reassuring Meyers after an abortion — a personal experience which was “all too familiar” because Tortorella had formerly supported someone whom made a decision to abort their child. “Baby, I’m pregnant,” Meyers told Tortorella during a shock “SOS” call. The set, whom weren’t together at that time, hadn’t talked much more compared to a according to the book year. (Tortorella and Meyers, a physical physical physical fitness and lifestyle entrepreneur, will be in a polyamorous relationship for longer than ten years. In March 2018, they married in a courthouse ceremony.) “Everything that happened next is kind of a blur,” writes Tortorella, whom quickly booked a trip to Dallas to see Meyers. “The baby wasn’t mine, demonstrably, however it did matter that is n’t. After deep consideration, Bethany knew they couldn’t keep carefully the child. We went along to the doctor’s workplace together with them your day We landed.” Tortorella continues: “I had managed an abortion that is partner’s quite a few years afrointroductions before and ended up being all too knowledgeable about the procedure. It’s an agonizing one, emotionally, actually, and spiritually.” Meyers decided on “an at-home abortion that is medical” Tortorella describes. The celebrity was in Meyers’ apartment “as the medicine took effect” and prayed and lit candles “to honor the life lost” and “to honor the life span gained.” […]